Project Description

Special Projects & Marketing Coordinator

As the Special Projects & Marketing Coordinator at GSAHEC, Erinn is known to juggle several different projects at a time. These projects range anywhere from marketing needs, data input, graphic design projects, systems change efforts, and almost anywhere in between. Many of the design elements and the annual reports you see on this website are products of her graphic design work. Erinn appreciates the variety her position offers as well as the constant need to learn innovative strategies, master new software platforms, and develop her skills and knowledge base to provide adequate support for GSAHEC’s programs.

Before working for GSAHEC, Erinn spent over six years as a baker to fund her college education. She has a bachelor’s degree from Florida Gulf Coast University in Community Health and joined GSAHEC as a staff member in 2016. Since then, she has applied the multitasking and organizational abilities she acquired as a baker to her current role: making sure all the ingredients are incorporated properly to get the job “baked” at the right time. 😊

When Erinn is not at the office, she can be found crafting tasty treats for her friends and family, hiking the outdoors with her husband or sister, or trying to keep up with her two Boxers on their daily walks. 🐾