Tobacco Cessation Specialist

As a Tobacco Cessation Specialist, Nathan plans, promotes, and conducts tobacco cessation classes in our local community. Nathan enjoys helping and assisting community members and local employees to become successful with their tobacco-free journey. Nathan also conducts many forms of outreach in the local area to bring awareness to tobacco cessation and the programs that are offered. Nathan’s passion is to help people and assist them in achieving their dreams of quitting tobacco. Over the past two years, he successfully manages GSAHEC’s tobacco cessation facilitators throughout our four-county area; increasing and promoting community health through partnerships and education.

Nathan Horner, Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS), graduated from the University of South Dakota majoring in Business Administration for undergraduate and graduate studies. After receiving his MBA, Nathan moved to Florida to pursue his passion for customer service and team development.

When Nathan is outside of work he enjoys traveling, listening to music, and kayaking in Sarasota Bay. Nathan loves being outdoors and enjoying the year-round sunshine and all that living in Florida has to offer.