Career Chats video library enables students to learn from experienced health professionals, increases their knowledge about health careers, and motivates the students to develop effective short and long-term educational and career plans. With over 300 careers available within the healthcare field, our goal is to inspire high school students to consider a career in health by encouraging exploration of all their future career options.

Review our Chats videos highlighting different health careers by way of thought-provoking interviews with guest speakers.

“I attended to the career chats. They were an amazing event that I was given the access to attend. I would always look forward to attending every month. I was so inspired by all guest speakers all having their own stories and how they gave it their all to be where they are now. That shows how much hard work you have to put to get where you want. I learned about all different careers as well. That as well interesting. All helped me narrow down on which career I want to pursue in the future. I am so glad that I decided to attend to the Career Chats.”

Jennifer, REACH Career Chats

“The Career Chats have been amazing! I always share the information with my students and attend myself. It’s hard to find medical professionals that want to take the time out of their busy schedules to speak to students. Thank you for putting these on and I hope it continues.”

Melanie , REACH Career Chats

“The meeting that I attended was so helpful in learning about different careers. Also they make sure that every is participating by asking questions. They are just amazing!”

Jennifer A., REACH Career Chats

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