Providing Cessation Services to Tobacco Users

Through Tobacco Free Florida’s Quit Your Way Program, GSAHEC offers two Group Quit programs to tobacco users free of charge: a one-time, 2-hour Tools to Quit class and a multi-session, one-hour Quit Smoking Now class. Both programs offer education on the health effects related to tobacco use, but more importantly, they teach the benefits of quitting and what to expect when quitting. GSAHEC’s Tobacco Cessation Specialists and trained facilitators guide attendees as they identify their reasons for quitting, barriers and triggers, and learn skills to cope with withdrawal symptoms.

The courses also cover:

  • Nicotine addiction and medications that help

  • Planning for the quit date

  • Anticipating triggers

  • Overcoming cravings

  • Relapse prevention

Both programs offer free nicotine replacement therapy (while supplies last), educational materials, supplemental materials for their quit day, and follow-up support.

diverse people in tobacco class

Gulfcoast South AHEC offers two types of courses to help you quit: single session (meeting once) and multisession (meeting once a week for several weeks). Both sessions will provide you with the valuable tools you need to help you quit tobacco. These include: preparing to quit tobacco with a quit plan; learning strategies and skills to deal with nicotine cravings to remain tobacco free; dealing with slips; having the opportunity to share your experience with others in a friendly, respectful and supportive group setting; as well as FREE patches, gum, or lozenges, if medically appropriate.

If you are unsure of what sessions are available and would like to speak with one of our cessation specialists to find out more, click the Sign up now button in the upper left corner of the calendar, or give us a call at 866-534-7909.