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Occupational Spanish Classes

These customized programs are geared towards non-Spanish speaking safety and healthcare professionals, with no grammar to learn and no prior Spanish knowledge required.  Our programs are designed for anyone who needs to break the language barrier in order to better care for Spanish-speaking clients or patients.*

*This is not a conversational Spanish course.

Benefits of the Class:

  • Participants will be equipped to successfully use Spanish to perform routine duties
  • Promotes better communication and patient satisfaction

  • Helps to remove barriers and enhance job performance

Occupational Spanish Classes are available in a user-friendly online online format. For more information about these classes, please contact us directly or visit our “Classes & Trainings” page.

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Cultural Competency Seminars

The goal of these seminars is to educate health and human services providers on the best practices to deliver meaningful and understandable services and sensitive, patient-centered care to culturally diverse communities, while lowering liability risks and driving behavioral change within their own organization’s culture.

After completing the Cultural Competency Seminars, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss legal requirements and national standards
  • Identify best practices to enhance language access
  • Demonstrate effective skills for working with interpreters

  • Discuss the need to have culturally-responsive services

  • Identify strategies for communicating across cultures

  • Develop a cultural competence plan

Cultural Competency Seminars are also available online. For more information about these seminars, please contact us directly.

Translation, Certification Preparation, Interpreters’ Evaluations, & More

As part of the ACCESS Program, GSAHEC also offers translation services, National Certification Test Preparation, Interpreters’ Evaluations and more. For more information about these services, please contact us directly.

Community Health Worker Training

GSAHEC’s Community Health Worker (CHW) Training program, based on national models and in collaboration with community organizations, trains and supports CHWs who provide health promotion and disease prevention education to at-risk populations in medically underserved populations. CHWs are community members who work almost exclusively in community settings and promote health among groups that have traditionally lacked access to adequate care. The roles of CHW are to provide culturally appropriate health education, ensure people get the services they need, give information about illnesses and how to prevent them, and teach the basics about common health problems.

For more information about this training program, please contact us directly.