GSAHEC’s Recruitment and Educational Assistance for Careers in Health (REACH) Programs inspire students to choose a career in health professions or care for underserved populations. Across the U.S., there is an acute shortage of health professionals.

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Future Health Professionals

GSAHEC addresses current recruitment needs through the following REACH Student Programs:

“For students that are extremely dedicated to their academic career and have the intention of pursuing a career in health, OutREACH is the program for you! By participating in this program, students can develop a new sense of gratitude towards health professionals and truly respect and appreciate them for their hard work, dedication, compassion, and motivation to work in such a field, as well as understand the importance of providing healthcare to the medically underserved. By encouraging young people to participate in this program, we may be able to inspire them to become the next best physicians or future health professionals, which will guarantee even the medically underserved with chances of receiving treatment, as the shortage of doctors and health professionals would be nonexistent.”

Subrina Z., North Port High School, OutREACH Program

“Through this internship, I have been granted the opportunity to learn and truly understand the ambiguous nature of healthcare in our country. Although I am still in high school, I do ultimately plan on becoming a physician and the things I have learned undoubtedly will help me be the most inclusive practitioner I can be. This internship has taught me things that go further than just the physician’s office but also everyday life and opportunities which require an open mind to the identities of the world.”

Dilan D., State College of Florida, Student Intern

“The AHEC Scholar program is important because it incorporates practical and didactic coursework that has expanded my understanding of cultural competence as well as my interdisciplinary teamwork skills. What I love most about this program is that it gave me an opportunity to educate younger students in the community about pharmacy. I hope this work helps inspire the next generation of health professionals!”

Joelle O., Lake Eerie College of Osteopathic Medicine, FL AHEC Scholars