An essential component of our student programs involves the recruitment of students from underserved, rural, and inner-city communities and underrepresented populations into primary care health fields, including medicine, nursing, and other health professions.  Our health careers presentation offers students a unique opportunity to explore a variety of health care occupations. 

Health Careers:  You Can Make A Difference is a PowerPoint presentation offered for middle and high school students in conjunction with Career Exploration, Medical Skills, Health Sciences, and Anatomy/Physiology classes.  Students are presented information on GSAHEC (our mission and goals) and educated on the wide variety of health careers available (primary health care professions are emphasized). The presentation focuses on health career opportunities, communicating the benefits of health careers by examining job descriptions, training requirements, and salary expectations of a variety of careers.

It is GSAHEC’s goal to encourage students (especially minority and underserved) to see the health care industry as a potential employer. Students are also encouraged to look at a health career as having multiple points of entry and that you do not have to go to school for eight plus years for each and every career within this industry. The presentation engages students into thinking about health care as a potential career path and helps them to establish some short and long term goals for themselves towards achieving that career.

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