Tobacco Program Manager

As the Tobacco Program Manager, Xenia works closely with GSAHEC’s CEO and Tobacco Program Staff to ensure that high-quality cessation services are offered to all who wish to stop using tobacco. She also makes certain the most up-to-date information and cessation training are available to healthcare providers who care for tobacco users in GSAHEC’s service area. Xenia has a comprehensive understanding of the Tobacco Program contractual requirements and deliverables, and constantly encourages GSAHEC Staff to meet and exceed those requisites.

Xenia left cold Massachusetts and her successful position as the first and only Hispanic/Latino woman to hold a Department Manager’s position at Holyoke Medical Center to relocate to warm North Port, Florida, and joined the GSAHEC “family.”  Immediately adding diversity to the GSAHEC team, she brought her expertise, demonstrated commitment and ability to reach and serve the Hispanic/Latino population. Her commitment to GSAHEC’s mission and vision are exhibited by her support and enthusiasm to help make the Tobacco Program a continued success for GSAHEC.

Xenia enthusiastically enjoys fishing and has caught a 135-pound tarpon from Charlotte Harbor which, at the time, was almost double her body weight!!!